SOCIETIES catches the attention of Norwegian media

Posted by Kevin Doolin on September 21, 2012  |   Comments Off

One of the services being developed for the SOCIETIES disaster management trial has gained the attention of the Norwegian media. Gemini, a popular science magazine, had this article about the service with the title “The jacket that talks to Facebook”. The service, called iDisaster, connects a jacket equipped with sensors to social networks such as Facebook. The jacket is a smart jacket that is designed with a user interface that is easy-to-use for a rescue worker during a rescue operation. The jacket has a display on its arm for showing messages sent to the rescuer by an operations coordinator.

This article in Gemini was followed by another article in, a popular Norwegian tech magazine reading “Thanks to a Norwegian invention, firefighter can now be online while fighting fires!” The article then follows with the following scenario: “There is a thick layer of smoke in the house, and flames are raising along the walls. A firefighter is crawling on the floor, trying to get close to the fire. He feels a vibration on his neck, which means he has got a message. He raises his arm and reads the message ‘Evacuate now! The building is falling!’”.

The first version of the service was developed as part of a cooperation with students from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and the European project Mirror. A second generation of the service is currently under development and will be evaluated during SOCIETIES disaster management trial.