SOCIETIES FIA workshop completed

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The SOCIETIES project completed a joint workshop with the PROSE project at FIA Dublin.  The SOCIETIES presentations focused on passing on some of the knowledge gained while using Open source forges, and the problems and solutions found.

20130507_100803SOCIETIES is using Github as its repository of choice, however Bruno Jean-Bart ( from TRIALOG) outlined some of the QA extensions and bespoke software needed to automate the integration and system tests within SOCIETIES. eg. continuous integration tools such as Jenkins, and unit test framework Junit.

Alan Walsh (TSSG) presented the Android perspective, outlining the tools used to test and build the SOCIETIES Android client.

Haoyi Xiong (IT-SUD) explained how SOCIETIES save your mobile phone’s battery life. In his presentation he outlined the energy consumption for various types of mobile applications, and presented some ongoing work using SOCIETIES to optimise the wireless connection to maximise the battery life.

In session 2,  Miguel Ponce de Leon (TSSG) how to explore newer forge options, for something more than a SVN/GIT repository. In particular important features and tools such as an integrated wiki, and bug tracker, support continuous integration tools, and  a choice of repository (svn/git/etc).

20130507_114457Finally, Rui Ferreira (IT – Aveiro) presented on building an Open Source Forge for European projects.  He started presenting some of the more interesting results of an survey of other open source EU projects and their requirements for forges.  This was followed by a live demonstration of some of the features of Prose forge. This was followed by interesting exchange of views in the Q+A section.

The source code can be found at the SOCIETIES page on GitHub and more details on the innovations can be found at the SOCIETIES project site.